Monday, March 12, 2007

Trees & Sidewalks

Hi Everyone:

As you can see around the neighborhood many dead & dangerous trees are being taken down by the Parks & Recreation Department.

I am looking in to having them replaced with new trees. I plan to contact the city and see what we can do to replant some of our trees. Please note that we have no commitments from the city to replant the trees but I do plan on pursuing this - and I want to know what I am asking for prior to me asking.

I ask that you let me know either by posting a comment or by emailing me directly with the location of where trees need to be replanted (e.g. in front of 60 Colony Road or Moreland between Colony & Ellsworth 2 trees, etc).

Also while you are looking around let me know what sidewalks need replacing and I will see what we can do for those as well.

Just to be clear this is what I am trying to get replaced no promises have been made to me about funding for this – but if you don’t ask you don’t get!

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schneurroth said...

Re: Trees

There are two trees that were cut down on Goffe between Norton and Winthrop. If you are heading towards Winthrop, they are on your right side.
As well, there was a tree cut down recently on Norton one house down from the Yeshiva.

Re: Sidewalks
In front of 419 Norton Parkway as well as the adjacent homes need new sidewalks.