Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Committee of the Whole on Youth Protection Ordinance

Hi Everyone:

This evening at 6pm in the main Aldermaninc Chamber, there will be a Board of Aldermen meeting of the Committee of the Whole on Youth Protection Ordinance. This committee was the outcome the the proposed Youth Curfew. The motion for the Curfew was tabled.

The BOA doesn't want to lose the momentum that we started with the hearing process etc., therefore we meet on a regular basis to see what is being done to address some of issues raised at the hearings.

Tonight's agenda will cover:

Reports from City officials on:

Data base of youth-serving agencies
Summer and fall 2007 Open Schools program
2007 Youth at Work program
Youth Engagement Street Workers program
Update on meetings with foundation and corporate funders
Black and Hispanic Caucus report on field trip to NYC youth agencies
Public Safety Committee report on subcommittee activities
Discussion of next steps on the proposed curfew

I hope to see you there!

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