Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BIG Clean up at Beaver Pond Park

Dear Friends of Beaver Pond Park and Beaver Hill neighbors,

Please join our second historic collaboration between SCSU and FOBPP. On Sunday, April 27th, 2008 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM, the Friends of Beaver Pond Park will team with the Environmental Futurists of SCSU to clean up Beaver Pond Park in and around North Pond. The workday includes removal of invasive species, native tree planting, and litter removal at Beaver Pond Park near the SCSU campus. This event is an ongoing collaboration between FOBPP and SCSU. The Urban Resources Initiative (URI) will provide the trees and bushes to plant and will give technical advice on where and how to plant correctly. SCSU will provide water, fruit, and pastries. Please bring your family and join our efforts to make our park sparkle.

Who: Nan Bartow, Friends of Beaver Pond Park
Colin Bennett, Outreach Coordinator for the Environmental Futurists
What: Major Cleanup at Beaver Pond Park and planting of native trees & bushes
When: Sunday, April27th, 2008 1:00 to 3:00 PM
Where: Beaver Pond Park

Meet at North Pond behind the baseball stadium near the pond. Look for a truck and a group of people. Some of us will be working to the north of the cattail pond near the hillside that leads to Davis and the parking garage.

Nan Bartow
Friends of Beaver Pond Park
480 Ellsworth Ave.
New Haven, CT 06511

Balance Fitness Boot Camp

If you missed West Haven Community Boot Camp last Saturday you missed a GREAT workout. It was wonderful weather, beautiful view and a fantastic "sweat session". In fact the session was so great we are going to do it again this Saturday in the same place and time. Originally, our fourth community Boot Camp was going to be in woodbridge but we deciede to do a second boot camp at West Haven beach.

So if you haven't been able to make the last 3 Community Boot Camps this Saturday is your last chance.

Free Outdoor Community Boot Camp for women
Saturday April 26, 2008
West Haven Beach, CT
Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp For Women
The Anything Goes
Fat Burning
Muscle Building
Kick Butt
Outdoor Fitness
Boot Camp
For Women

Outtdoor Fitness Boot Camp Schedule
Only 20 Women per camp
Click Here to
Sign Up NOW!

May 12
New Haven Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30 AM -6:30AM
New Haven Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30 AM -7:30AM

New Haven Mon/Wed/Fri 6:45 PM -7:45PM

West Haven
New Haven Tue/Thurs/Sat 5:30 AM -6:30AM

Upcoming events at the Mitchell Library

Upcoming events at:
Mitchell Library
37 Harrison Street New Haven

Tuesday April 22nd at 4 p.m.
Celebrate Earth Day at the library
Stories, games and a recycled art project. All ages welcome!

Wednesday April 23rd at 4 p.m.
Get Ready for Summer: Bike maintenance, repair and safety
For teens ages 11-14
Mitchell Library Courtyard
Ride your bike to the library and learn about:
· replacing your chain
· fixing a flat tire
· adjusting your brakes
· changing gears
· great places to bike around New Haven.
Can’t bring your bike to the library? Or you don’t have a bike?
Come anyway, extra bikes will be available to work on.
Program sponsored by:
New Haven Department of Parks Recreation and Trees.

Special Program for Parents:
Wednesday April 23rd from 6-8 p.m.
Real Life, Talk Real, Sex Ed For Parents
When is the right time to have “the talk”? What should you say?
Where should you start? Feeling clueless about the technology your kids
take for granted? Sex Ed For Parents is designed to provide parents with
tools to begin important dialogue with your kids.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Peaches is looking for some help...

Some of you know about this; some of you are just finding out:

20 AIDS orphans will arrive in New Haven in less than 48 hours. They are the SIFA CHOIR from Uganda Africa. New Haven is the first stop on a national tour to raise awareness and funds to build new buildings for their orphanage. A local musician, Mark Sheperd, wrote the theme song for their tour: "Together We Can Change the World".

While in New Haven the kids will record the song, produce a promo film and a segment of a documentary recording their journey, plus rehearse for the tour and take in local sites.

The Choir can find time to perform if you have an assembly or event to suggest.. They will be meeting our "Mayor John" at some point over the 12 days and singing in the rotunda of City Hall.

Assuming the group cannot be housed together, the next best is to group the choir in 5's: 4kids and one chaperone per location.


20 kids mostly ages 9-13
5 adult chaperones
All kids are AIDS orphans
Need 12 days of shelter beginning 4/16 to 4/28
Kitchen facilities not essential, but bathroom/shower access a must
Everyone has a sleeping bag
Kids will probably be out each day in am and return early evening pm. They will have their own transportation arrangements.

The decision to stop in New Haven was very last minute (as is this request!). We'd like to keep the choir in New Haven, if at all possible. There will be press coverage, so any group, person, business, church, school helping out can count on publicity.

To repeat: I need 5 host houses for 5 groups of 5... or, some other arrangement to accommodate 25 .

I have put the word out to colleges, churches, local agencies, individuals, real estate specialists, etc.,.

Please RSVP with hot leads or your address!!! 203 915-3154

Best wishes and huge thank you's to each of you!

Peaches Quinn, Our Breakfast ClubVisit: Telephone: 203 915-3154Email:

Monday, April 14, 2008

SENIOR CITIZEN FRAUD - How to protect yourself

From Jerry Antunes - Alderman Ward12

How To Protect Yourself


Criminals targeting the elderly are increasingly located outside the United States.
A Canadian couple is arrested for allegedly bilking victims across the U.S. by selling bogus credit card protection plans over the phone.
A Maryland financial planning/estate lawyer pleads guilty to defrauding his own clients. A California man is convicted of stealing nearly $5 million from residents of a retirement home through an investment scheme.
What's the common thread here? All of the victims were elderly, and many lost their life savings.

Why are the elderly such an attractive target for con artists?
· Many seniors have a "nest egg."
· They're less likely to report a fraud because they don't know where to go or they’re too embarrassed to talk about it.
· If they do report the crime, it's sometimes hard for them to remember exact details.
· Many of the products/services being hawked by con artists appeal to individuals of a certain age—i.e., anti-aging and other health care products, health care services, and investments related to retirement savings.
The threat to seniors is growing…and changing. Baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are now the largest segment of our population—about 78 million people. That means that the number of senior citizens is rising. Many younger boomers also have considerable computer skills, so criminals are modifying their targeting techniques—using not only traditional telephone calls and mass mailings but also online scams like phishing and e-mail spamming.
Another trend: Criminals targeting the elderly are increasingly located outside the U.S., making it difficult for American law enforcement to track them down.
The scams. Some common ones to look out for:
· Identity theft (accomplished through "dumpster diving," phishing, address changes, old-fashioned theft);
· Health insurance frauds (medical equipment, "rolling lab" schemes, Medicare fraud, counterfeit prescription drugs);
· Home repair schemes;
· Foreign lottery/sweepstakes fraud;
· Advance fee/credit card frauds;
· Investment fraud; and
· Charity schemes.
Recovery schemes are also worth mentioning because they're especially cold-hearted: they target previous victims by convincing them that their money has been recovered by law enforcement or government officials but that they must pay a fee to get it back.
A few basic tips to avoid being victimized:
· Shred credit card receipts and old bank statements;
· Close unused credit card or bank accounts;
· Don't give out personal information via the phone, mail, or Internet unless you initiated the contact;
· Never respond to an offer you don't understand;
· Talk over investments with a trusted friend, family member, or financial advisor;
· Require all plans and purchases to be in writing; and
· Don't pay in advance for services.
Who to call. If you’re a senior citizen who has been victimized by fraud, start by calling your local or state law enforcement agency.
The FBI doesn’t handle isolated individual cases: we get involved only when there are huge dollar losses or if there's evidence of an international crime ring at work. But you can report fraud online to us through our Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is run in concert with the National White Collar Crime Center, and we’ll refer it to the proper authorities.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An arrest in the Bellevue Road Shooting

Police have secured an arrest warrant in connection with the murder of Lavias Phillips which occurred on January 17th 2008 at 10:40 p.m. on Bellevue Road.

Captain Peter Reichard stated after positive DNA results on evidence left at the scene, Detective Michael Wuchek and other investigators from the Investigative Services Division worked hard to bring this case to a close. This case was the city’s first homicide of 2008.

Antwan Byrd 12/23/75, of 10 Garden St, Hartford, Ct will be arraigned on Thursday with Murder, Criminal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and Carrying a pistol without a permit. The warrant carries a million dollar bond. Antwan Byrd is currently being held on unrelated robbery charges in connection with a bank robbery in Stafford, Connecticut.

Citation Awarded to the SCSU Environmental Futurist

Hi All:

Last night Carl Goldfield & myself awarded a citation to the SCSU Environmental Futurist. They do some really great work with Beaver Pond Park and deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

Below are my remarks at the award presentation.

Citation awarded to the SCSU Environmental Futurist

Chambers New Haven, April 7, 2008

Comments by Moti Sandman –
Alderman Ward28

It gives me great pride standing here this evening
together with the SCSU Environmental Futurist. This group of young, motivated,
spirited, people have taken a grand vision and started creating a new reality.

Together with Nan Bartow and the Friends of Beaver Pond Park, they
have taken a vision of what we can be and started turning it into something

Their work with SCSU and encouraging the school to
commit to become “Carbon Neutral” is just some of what this group envisioned and
then made a reality.

I trust that the group will continue to move
down the path of envisioning the grand and then moving it to

I wish you the best of luck and look forward to working
with you in the future.

Firing Range Update

Dear Eric,

The following is the range schedule for this week and next week.

This, of course, is subject to change.

April 7-11 - 8:00 am - 3:45 pm
April 14-16 - 8:00 am -3:45 pm
April 18 & 19 - no classes scheduled

Also, Peaches has requested information on decibel levels involved in
the various training and certification exercises which take place on
our shooting range.

It is most likely that the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) and Hazardous Devices Unit have the highest noise levels but I will defer to their officers-in-charge to provide you with details.

At the chief's suggestion, I will speak with these two officers and ask them to contact you and Peaches directly.

I hope this will help in our joint efforts to ameliorate the range's noise situation.


K. D. Codish