Thursday, March 6, 2008

I just got this email - it looks intresting so I am going to post a link on the site.



Dear Mr. Sandman,

I am writing as publisher of the New Haven Review, a new journal recently created by a collection of New Haven resident-writers. The journal is first and foremost a book review of quality, with a large portion of the contributions coming from well-known writers who once resided or currently reside in the Greater New Haven area.

We intend to follow our first issue of last year, done very much on the cheap, with a far more professional version this May. However, we are most excited about the new website that we just launched at

With that in mind, if you produce on behalf of your constituency a newsletter of some sort—delivered by hand or regular mail or email—we would be very much grateful if you’d put in a small notice about this new endeavor. It’s something we believe the city should be proud to have—as proud as we are to be part of this city.

A small notice could read as follows or you can write your own:

For those looking for good book recommendations from fellow New Haven resident, go ahead and take a look at the New Haven Review at It is edited by long-time New Haven residents who looked at book review publications in New York and Boston and decided—why not New Haven? New Haven Review is looking for subscribers and donors, too. Even though the publisher and editors—even the writers—all volunteer their time and effort, there are still printing costs, so it’s for a good cause.

Appreciatively yours,

Bennett Lovett-Graff
New Haven Review

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