Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bingo at St. Brendans

Hi All:

Our neighbor Dale Bruckhart asked that I pass this along...


Bingo players can play every Wednesday at St. Brendans. The average prize money every week is about $1,500.

We now have (2) two progressive bingo games with a payout of $1,000.00 every eight weeks and $2,000.00 every sixteen weeks.

For a fun, low cost night out walk to the corner of Ellsworth and Whalley Avenue . It’s the “Green” alternative to driving to Foxwoods and all profits go to the school and the parish in our neighborhood.

The first game begins at 7:15PM.

No bingo on March 19.

Please help to spread the word.


Dale Bruckhart
456 Ellsworth Avenue

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