Thursday, November 1, 2007

131 Colony Road Update 11/1/07

Hi All:

I would like to give the group an update on what is happening with 131 Colony. Andy Rizzo - the head of the building department went down and personally checked out the property and found the following:

Height of house - well within regulation
Front porch - illegal must be modified or removed. The builder has a right to apply for a variance or must cut back the porch.
Setback from 123 Colony (the old Ginsburg house) - close at this stage - because construction is ongoing there is going to be what is know as a "As Build" inspection prior to the CoO being issued to ensure that the house is within the proper set back.
Construction debris - builder said that the debris would be cleared prior to the weekend.

If there are any other questions or concerns about a particular facet of the construction or home please contact me and I will look after it. I may be reached at or 772-1805 (voice mail).

Yours truly,

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