Thursday, October 25, 2007

131 Colony Road House is up

Dear Friends & Neighbors:

I was in contact with Andy Rizzo of the New Haven Building Department with regard to the construction on what is now known as 131 Colony Road or “the Stein House”. Andy is having an inspector down at the site on a regular basis to check and as of now there are no violations. In fact Mr. Stein turned the house around and has the front door facing Colony now (that is something we asked for).

I would like to thank Andy for the extra steps he is taking in keeping an eye on this for usually the inspector will only come out once just prior to issuing the CoO. We must remember that Mr. Stein has a Constitutional right to improve his land within the Zoning regulations of the City.

He will keep me updated as things progress and I will be sending everyone updates as well as posting this to my blog at

Yours truly,

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