Monday, August 31, 2009

Traffic Circle Coverage in the News Media

Hi All:

We had a nice meeting at the Field House last week. I was a pleasure for us to meet so many folks. There were two points to the meeting:

1) Traffic Circle: There is going to be a follow up meeting in the next month to month and a half to answer the questions brought up at the meeting. Such as, how many acidents took place, what type of accidents were they (T-Bone, side-swipes, drunk driving etc.) A more detailed reasoning for why a circle was chosen over a 4 way stop.

2) Residential Parking Zone: this did not get a great reseption. There was some support for it but not enough to get it passed as we need 2/3s of the affected residents to support it. What did come out of this was that the Field House management will give the Traffic department a full listing of the events to be held and note the ones that have historicly high turn out. At the largest events the Traffic Deptartment will send out a patrole to enforce current parking laws (not blocking driveways, no parking from here to corner, etc.) We will also explore the posiblility of having a Shuttle system between the Field House and SCSU.

I will post more info when I get it!



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