Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Peaches is looking for some help...

Some of you know about this; some of you are just finding out:

20 AIDS orphans will arrive in New Haven in less than 48 hours. They are the SIFA CHOIR from Uganda Africa. New Haven is the first stop on a national tour to raise awareness and funds to build new buildings for their orphanage. A local musician, Mark Sheperd, wrote the theme song for their tour: "Together We Can Change the World".

While in New Haven the kids will record the song, produce a promo film and a segment of a documentary recording their journey, plus rehearse for the tour and take in local sites.

The Choir can find time to perform if you have an assembly or event to suggest.. They will be meeting our "Mayor John" at some point over the 12 days and singing in the rotunda of City Hall.

Assuming the group cannot be housed together, the next best is to group the choir in 5's: 4kids and one chaperone per location.


20 kids mostly ages 9-13
5 adult chaperones
All kids are AIDS orphans
Need 12 days of shelter beginning 4/16 to 4/28
Kitchen facilities not essential, but bathroom/shower access a must
Everyone has a sleeping bag
Kids will probably be out each day in am and return early evening pm. They will have their own transportation arrangements.

The decision to stop in New Haven was very last minute (as is this request!). We'd like to keep the choir in New Haven, if at all possible. There will be press coverage, so any group, person, business, church, school helping out can count on publicity.

To repeat: I need 5 host houses for 5 groups of 5... or, some other arrangement to accommodate 25 .

I have put the word out to colleges, churches, local agencies, individuals, real estate specialists, etc.,.

Please RSVP with hot leads or your address!!! 203 915-3154

Best wishes and huge thank you's to each of you!

Peaches Quinn, Our Breakfast ClubVisit: www.ourbreakfastclub.com Telephone: 203 915-3154Email: Pquinn0014@aol.com

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