Friday, July 6, 2007

Executive Pay Scale

Dear All:

There has been some publicity over the past few weeks about the Executive Pay Scale increase that the Finance Committee passed in its last meeting. I sit on that committee and will lay out why we increased the scale.

The short reason is that we (the City) are not paying market rate wages for a number of executive positions. It is understood that government is usually under what the privet sector pays but we are so low that some subordinates (in the 3144 municipal workers union) are higher paid then their supervisors. We will not attract the best and brightest that we need and want to work for the City. Or they will stay a short while work up the resume and take off to richer waters. Below are some facts and figures that really outline the above.

The range increases being reflected have nothing to do with pay increases. These increases total 16% and mirror the increases of the 3144 contract

The Administration is committed to limiting the total amount of all salary increases to no more than 3.15%, or the same increase as 3144 received last July 1st

The Administration has not asked for range increases in the past 6 years (2001)

At the time of the last request, November 2001, the Administration sought a range increase of 15% two years after the adoption of the new salary structure

The salary structure currently in place is not keeping up with salaries in Local 3144. In one case, the department head is making less than members of his/her department. The top ten Local 3144 wages (non-BOE) are higher than 10 of the 11 attorneys working in Corporation Counsel

There are six Local 3144 individuals in Range 10, Step 10 at $80,578. At this salary, no Assistant Corporation Counsel is making a comparable salary, nor any of the Department Heads in an Exempt Range 5 or below

Salaries for the least paid members of the Executive Management fall below comparable or subordinate positions salaries in 3144. For instance, the Chief Examiner of the City is paid $63,973 – well below the $80,578 paid to the Human Resource Manager of the Police Department, a subordinate 3144 position.

Salary increases for members of Local 3144 were implemented in July ’06. At that time, 3144 members received a 3.5% increase, in July ’07 another 3.5% increase, a 3.0% increase in July of ’08, ’09, ’10.

Thanks to Paul Nunez & Tina Burgett for the facts & figures.

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