Friday, March 27, 2009

Suspicious Car in Westville

Hi All,

There has been a suspicious van in the Westville neighborhood following kids around. The van is an older white Dodge Caravan with wood paneling on the side. The license plate number is 785 TWY.

Please be vigilant and make sure kids are aware of their surroundings and not walking alone. Knowing "safe" houses along their routes is also a good idea in case they need help.

If you see this van, or any suspicious activity, call it in to the non-emergency number immediately, 946-6316. If it is an emergency call911.

You should also let Lieutenant Bernie Somers know by leaving a message on his cell phone at 687-0532 and/or on his email at Bernie should be contacted *but only after the incident is reported to the emergency or non emergency number.

If it is not reported downtown it is not logged and there is no way to dispatch an officer.

Also,Lieutenant Bernie Somers will be out of town next week and will not be available so messages left with him will not be looked at until he returns.

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