Friday, December 19, 2008

Recent Meetings

Hi All:

I just wanted to give you an update on some of the meeting I was at this past week:

Monday - Full BOA Meeting
Tues - WEB Meeting
Tues - DPUC Meeting

At the WEB Meeting we found out that Lt. Collier is leaving the NHPD. He was on the job with us for 6 months. We wish him well in his new position. Chief Lewis was there along with Asst. Chief Gillespie and they promised us that the District will not be disbanded and that he plans to have a new District Manager in place by mid to late January.

I the left WEB Meeting a bit early because I wanted to get to the DPUC to give testimony against an increase. I did get there in time and heard from a number of passionate people who - all had the same message "Don't punish us for conserving energy & don't raise our rates". You can see my testimony at this link. Also want to note that it appears that the UI is going to take it's HQ out of New Haven and move to Orange. Not good for New Haven, I asked the CEO of UI to think about staying and I got no positive response, only silence.

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