Thursday, September 18, 2008

Police Letter

Hi All:

This is the letter that we sent out to both the PD & City asking them to get together July 7, 2008

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It is no secret that the City is in strained financial circumstances, that labor costs are the largest component of the City’s budget and that taxpayers are at the end of their ability to absorb substantial budget increases. For the sake of the City’s taxpayers and workforce we need to adjust our labor contracts in a manner that will fairly compensate our employees, encourage operational efficiencies and avoid bankrupting the city.

The City is currently negotiating a new contract with the police union. This will be the first in a series of contracts that are up for renewal and we feel that it will create a new template. We will be asked to approve the contract and we request that all of the parties involved in its negotiation give serious consideration to the following items:

I. Retirement – Police Pension
A. A greater contribution from police employees to the Police Pension Fund
B. A change to the minimum years for Police Officers to utilize accumulated sick and vacation time from 15 to 20 years of service prior to retirement
C. A cap on pensions to 100% of an officer’s base salary
D. We note that an alternative to items B & C. is to close the Police & Fire Pension Fund and move the fund to MERF.
II. Health Care
A. Institute higher employee deductibles and/or co-pays

III. Work Rules
A. All Sidebar Notes should be either incorporated into the negotiated contract or eliminated. There should be no more sidebar agreements in the future.
B. Change the work week schedule from “5-2, 5-3” to “5-2, 5-2” or “4-10.”
C. Eliminate hold-downs for extra duty.
IV. Bad Boy Clause
A. A Police Officer who is found guilty of a work related felony will lose his or her City pension.
B. An innocent spouse will have his or her portion of the offending police officer spouse’s pension protected, as per pending legislation in front of the Board of Aldermen.
V. New Officer Compensation
A. We would like to see a higher base salary for new officers. We acknowledge and appreciate the service that our officers provide to the city in putting their life on the line every day. This raise in base salary for the rookie officers will enable us to attract & retain our new officers by giving them the ability to earn a good wage commensurate with the job.

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