Thursday, May 1, 2008

Heating Oil Crisis

From our neighbor, Peaches Quinn

I learned yesterday that the cost of home heating fuel, right now, is up to as much as $4.94 per gallon ! I cannot be the only one who fears the next call for home heating fuel and what the per gallon cost will be. Likewise, electricity. Is there any end to rising cost?

What I am proposing will not affect the economics of energy globally, but it will positively affect our wallets.

Let us do what smart consumers have done elsewhere: become a group purchaser. Use the numbers of a group to purchase better service, better quality fuel at a reduced cost .

The New Haven Energy Buyers Group

What is it? Residential and business owners band together to purchase energy to reduce our cost. Let's start organizing in our neighborhood focusing on heating oil.

How will it work? Simply put, as many property owners in a location as possible commit to joining the buyers group. I will then put together a request for bids that I send out to local companies. They respond. The best bid is selected and we make a deal.

Does this mean we would have to pay for the fuel up front? NO! It only means all members of the buyers group sign contracts with the selected fuel company. A number of "ways to pay" will be available as they are for an individual deal.

Will furnace service be included? YES, Absolutely!

How quickly do we have to act? Very quickly. July usually begins the new contract year.

What next?

1. Please respond and let me know if you are interested
2. Circulate this note to everyone in our neighborhood (Beaver Hills/Westville) . Ask them to RSVP to me their interest
3. I will announce a "Call to Action" meeting at Hillhouse for those who want to hear more and discuss face to face.

Your thoughts and interest ASAP, PLEASE!
Peaches Quinn

Telephone: 203 915-3154Email:

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