Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Intresting email that I just got today...

Greetings, Ward Representatives of New Haven,

We are excited to announce that New Haven is a stop on our four-city New England Tour for Dream, a documentary project looking for people who have always wanted something more from their lives and are now ready to commit to that change. Examples of Dreams we have heard range from wanting a more fulfilling job to wanting to be a stand-up comedian, and everything in between.

We are seeking people to cast in our project, which includes a film and book, and want to let as many people know that we want to hear their Dream. Everything you need to know about the film, Dream, is attached herein. Our website is under construction, but will be fully interactive soon. Also attached is a flier that I hope you will pass along about the event in the next paragraph.

On Oct. 1, at Koffee on Orange, from 5:30 to 7:30, we are hosting an informal casting/meet and greet for the film.

I am reaching out to you because you are people who actively seek to improve the lives of your constituents, and you are constantly in touch with them. If you have a Dream yourself and would like it to be considered for the project, please do. But our hope is that you tell as many of your constituents as possible about the project. In our early casting efforts, in Lincoln, NE, the mayor there saw to it that every person on his email list knew about the project. In Louisville, KY, our pilot city, Mayor Abramson agreed to sit down and talk to us about his Dream to revitalize the massive park system.

Bottom line is this: We want to hear people's Dreams for their lives and we know that you have the means to tell them about it.

So please, tell them. Forward this correspondence to whomever you think might want to be included in the project.

If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to call. I have already spoken to some of you. And if you would like to tell us your Dream, please submit it to We'd love to hear it!


Ben BerzaiCastingDream23 Cortes St Suite #1Boston, MA 02116Office 617.542.0594 Mobile

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