Monday, August 6, 2007

Up for re-election

Dear All:

I am announcing that I am running for re-election, and want to thank the Democratic Ward and Town Committees for endorsing me again as the Democratic candidate for alder in the 28th Ward. I hope I have earned your support for a full term.

Like the rest of the state, we will be using new voting machines in the next election. You will receive a paper ballot and will fill in the oval next to the candidate's name. Then you will feed the paper ballot into the optical scan machine for verification. This technology is the most common form of voting in America today and provides a paper trail for each vote cast in compliance with state law and the federal Help America Vote Act.

I would greatly appreciate your help in the coming weeks. If you can offer time making phone calls, walking door to door with me, delivering campaign literature, or just advice, please send me a note at or call me at 203-772-1805.

If you need to register to vote or expect to be away and will need an absentee ballot, contact me!

Thank you so much.

(With thanks to Ina)

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