Thursday, June 7, 2007

Beaver Pond Park Greenspace Meeting Notes

Hi All:

These are the notes from meeting:

5 June 2007 (first of the summer!)

Brainstorm ~

Create zigzagging walkway up the hill
Convert road to a small path to alleviate parking problems
Clear invasive on the hill (Norway maple saplings, etc)
Wildflower garden (Paula is ordering a wildflower seed mix for July)
Birdhouses – must be built to specifically for attracting a species (in other words, a tree swallow house is not fit for a wood duck, and a house designed for both supports neither of them) species include: tree swallows, wood ducks, blue birds, osprey (platform, not house in N. Pond)
Plant cattails
Human events – non-working events to get the public out
Wall to keep sediment in shore around the benches for fishing, fetching water, etc; if not wall, stones placed out into the water to walk out and get water when the level is very low.
Trail through the marsh on the other side of the pond
Pipeline from Bowen field for water – Ed has a contact at the water company?
N. Pond – playground (where would the money come from? Who okays it?), mow the flat part for grass (keep cutting down Phragmites as Peter has been doing)
There is lots of floating litter in the N. Pond, the west side is silting in, Phragmites taking over, would roto-tilling the Phrag get rid of it?
Woodchucks (or something) are eating the Lobelia! Make cages to cover the plants?
Canoe launch in N. Pond
Highlight kids’ involvement at the end of the summer; connect to family day with Roxanne?
Dale has a chainsaw!

Things to do on Wednesday June 13th at 6 pm:

~ Continue weeding and mulching around all the shore plants and the plants on the hill
~ Plant what Paula brings out
~ Choose 2 or 3 of the above items the group wishes to and is able to complete this summer

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